Our Coffee Mornings

at Ville Ponti / Villa Andrea:
2nd Wednesday of the month,
from 10-12 am

  • Wednesday: 13th June 2018

Blog your Passion!
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Our guest at the June Coffee Morning is Laura Pirovano,

from Milan. she publishes articles in well-known publications like Gardenia & Architettura del paesaggio. She is the founding member of the association VerDiSegni in Milan and she'll share her experiences of writing her blog - Giardiniinvaiggio - whose popularity and success has lead to the publication of a book 'Disegnare il giardino con le piante'.

Laura will be joined by our own member bloggers - Lynn Beha and Marian Farago at the Share & Show tables.

Date: Wednesday, 14th June 2017, from 10 to 12 am
Where:    Ville Ponti, Villa Andreain Varese, Piazza Litta, 2