Charity: Activities

The Benvenuto Club is committed to supporting local charities and we raise money through raffles and bazaars.

List of our Charities

tutela la persona The Benvenuto Club has selected a smaller sized, voluntary-based charitable organization called Tutela La Persona Onlus to support this year, with the aim of making a bigger difference to a smaller organization that does not receive much financial support from other clubs, organisations or corporations here in Varese. This charity  originated in Fruili Venezia Giulia, created by five friends/professionals with the intention/mandate of providing a Voluntary Protection Organisation. There is a relatively small chapter of Tutela Onlus here in Varese which focuses on contributing and enhancing the social well-being of: the isolated and elderly, of the economically disadvantaged, and of women who find themselves in physically, psychologically or emotionally abusive relationships.

Here in Varese, Tutela Onlus:
  • runs a Food Bank that distributes food parcels monthly to roughly 80 recipients
  • provides and delivers pharmaceutical medicines and other over-the-counter drugs to those who have mobility issues
  • collects and delivers clean, well- preserved clothing to people in need
  • offers psychological, medical and legal advice to women and families in crisis – at no cost, as the organization has dedicated volunteer professionals in these areas who are available for counsel two days a week in the Tutela Onlus Varese office, which is located at Via Bernardino Luini, 19, Varese.