Charity: Activities

The Benvenuto Club is committed to supporting local charities and we raise money through raffles and bazaars.

List of our Charities

We would like to give you some information about the local charities that we've contacted, to know what kind of items they need to run their associations. Among many of them, we have chosen three, on the criteria of donating something to different layers of society (premature children, the homeless and youngsters with disabilities).

Tincontro helps premature children and their families, as studies have shown that music is very important for these children. There are people who are well trained in this kind of therapy, which helps with their development, and they need specific musical instruments and iPods.   

--> More info about Tincontro  


Il Millepiedi helps people with disabilities to practice sport and also provides a social function. They need sports equipment, sportswear and stationary material.

--> More info about Ilmillepiedi Onlus  


Angeli Urbani help the homeless of Varese, providing shelter during the coldest months of the year. They need toilet paper, food and bunk beds.

--> More info about Angeli Urbani  


Each of these charities require relatively limited donations for small pieces of equipment. Our Board has decided to sponsor all three of them. The money for these charities will come from the Cake Table at the coffee mornings, the proceeds from the Christmas Bazaar and a new idea - Bingo. We can play two quick rounds of Bingo at two coffee mornings - it would be self-financing, in that the prizes will be paid for from the money collected from the bingo card sales.