Charity: Activities

The Benvenuto Club is committed to supporting local charities and we raise money through raffles and bazaars.

List of our Charities

The Istituto Addolorata is one of several local, independently run, meal providers – and it’s our chosen Charity for the 2014/2015 Benvenuto year. There is a huge demand for the food provided and people start lining up at about 5 pm each evening. The money we raise will go directly towards the purchase of food stuffs, plastic containers and other food preparation materials required.

English translation of a letter for the Benvenuto Club penned by a nun at the Institute
"We are the nuns of Reparation, established in 1859 in Milan, our founders were Father Carlo Salerio and Mother Carolina Orsenigo. …. We’ve always looked after poor and abandoned people. In the past, for girls in difficulty, then for orphans and now, for the ones most in need and without a home, the ones no one wants. People who come in the evening are about 250-270 every single night. We prepare for them a first course, two second courses and what providence brings us. We aren’t alone, there are 80 volunteers that work with us, without them we wouldn’t be able to do it. I always say that they are our angels, they’re always available, careful and kind."