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Taste of wilderness 
November 2018

Enjoyed autumn and walked on the naturalistic and archaeological route through the woods with calm in the wonderful park close to Lake Maggiore/Arona.

A short distance from the centre of Arona, on the morainic hills which surround Lake Maggiore from the part belonging to Piedmont, there is a natural area which includes the peat-bogs of Mercurago, many small lakes, some pastures and many woodland areas. Visitors can explore this area along 30km of tracks and trails. Prehistoric settlements have been discovered in this area dating back to the Bronze Age and Roman age. In 1860 here was found the first stilt house in Italy, a wooden pirogue... This area has been protected since 1980, when the Park of the ‘Lagoni di Mercurago’ (Mercurago Great Lakes) was instituted.  

“Wonderful Natural ‘disorder’, the lakes scattered around without ‘logic’, the Sun following us, the golden leaves , like golden rain....” poetic comment by Nada