Take some time out from a busy day and enjoy our Coffee Morning.
We have a talk on the Italian Housing Market. Our guest speaker John Holder gives us an overview of the property market in the Varese area in 2017.

 A brief talk covering:

  • Introduction (we have moved 8 times in 37 years)
  • How we came to buy a house at auction
  • Pictures of the property (before and after)
  • Some numbers (buy price - sell price - costs)
  • The auction procedure
  • 2 examples of properties coming up for auction soon
  • Overview of the present state of the property market
  • Can you get a bank mortage
  • Selling to go home
  • Conclusions
  • Questions and answers


Have a look at the topic for the May Coffee Morning
Date  Theme
10th, 2017
Coming up on May 10th is our much anticipated, annual Fashion Show!
We would love to have some members volunteer this year to be part of the fun! We are looking for both models and dressers. 
Date: Wednesday, 12th April 2017, from 10 to 12 am
Where:    Ville Ponti, Villa Napoleonicain Varese, Piazza Litta, 2