Connect with friends – old and new – over coffee, and explore the exciting activities we have organized for the next few months. Our Coffee Morning will be holding in the Wintergarden. 
You are invited to join us at the General Assembly at 11.15am
From September 2018 we have a new venue at    Villa Cagnolain Gazzada Schianno, Via Guido Cagnola, 21

During the October coffee morning, we will hold the General Assembly. This is an annual meeting of all members to approve the balance sheet. Christina Wilson, our Treasurer, will present a statement of the club’s finances for the year 2017-2018. We would like to encourage you all to attend this meeting, which will begin at 11.15. This is your opportunity to find out where we stand now and have a look at how the subscription fees are spent. The board would also like to hear from you about the decisions we are taking and any other comments or suggestions about any aspect of the club that you would like to share.  

Date: Wednesday, 10th October 2018, from 10 to 12
Where:    Villa Cagnolain Gazzada Schianno (Va), Via Guido Cagnola, 21