Welcome to the traditional Benvenuto Christmas Bazaar
Take a break and get the festive spirit by attending our Christmas Coffee Morning which is always a good time to catch up with friends, have a coffee and buy some christmas gifts.
International stalls, cakes & tombola at   Villa Cagnolain Gazzada Schianno, Via Guido Cagnola, 21

The Bazaar will be held this year on the ground floor of Villa Cagnola. There will be tables reflecting the foods and crafts/traditions of the various nationalities of the club. The overall theme is Christmas and it is an ideal opportunity for some early Christmas shopping. The following countries will be represented: Italy, UK, Germanz, France, the Netherlands and Belgium and the Rest of the World. There will also be stalls from some of the local charities based in Varese as well as books, art, craft and health and beauty products sold by some of our members. We shall have the traditional tombola and a table selling delicious home-made cakes. All the proceeds will go to the charities, Tincontro, il Millepiedi and Angeli Urbani who will be present during the morning. Please bring with you friends, neighbours, husbands and family members who can all enter free of charge, any donations you may have for the tombola, cake or country tables and of course lots of cash!  

Date: Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 10am-1.30pm, free entry
Where:    Villa Cagnolain Gazzada Schianno (Va), Via Guido Cagnola, 21