Time has come for our final Coffee Morning at Ville Ponti? It’s a great way to meet people and chat before taking a break to enjoy the summer vacation. Hope to see you all at our final Coffee Morning!

It's that time of year where we wind-down our Club activities in anticipation of summer holidays.

At our June Coffee Morning, you can:

  • Charity Cake Table that becomes a regular part of our coffee mornings. Please bring your cakes or biscuits on a paper plate, together with a simple ingredient list (ready-made is good too). If you intend to take some goods homes with you, please bring along a plastic container for ease of transport!
  • Sign up for some of Pernille's special activities or Angela's art event, or the regular activities, & also buy your ticket for the fabulous end-of-year Summer Party!
  • Renew your membership for 65 euros - correct amount much appreciated!
  • Also, if you have been collecting your bottle tops for Project Plastic Fantastic (and if not, than get started) - please bring them to Pernille
  • There is also the usual magazine & book exchange, the photo competition draw and an information desk about local events.
Date: Wednesday, 8th June 2016, from 10 to 12
Where:    Ville Ponti, Villa Andreain Varese, Piazza Litta, 2