We start our adventure with a 35 min walk to the cave from the parking area. From the entrance of the cave we will descend more than 48m in complete safety and in a well-lit environment. Enjoy the beauty through a entirely new world during the one hour guide.

International Community Aperitif in September – Save the Date!
You are invited to join us for the first "International Aperitif" to enjoy a refreshing aperitif after the holidays. Meet people, make friends, welcome others, share ideas...

An unique opportunity to experience the Pogliaghi Villa and Museum in Sacre Monte with an English speaking guide. The Pogliaghi Museum (opened to the public in 1971) was founded 20 years earlier by the sculptor and artist Ludovico Pogliaghi.

Join us for a morning filled with the scent of exclusive tea by the Tea Fortè brand. You will get to learn about the health benefits of drinking black, green, white and red tea. Learn how to prepare them in the best way, taste them and eat delicious cakes.

Now welcoming all back to our September Coffee Morning, a great opportunity to meet and greet old friends and new, and to share information over coffee. If you have not already done so, please renew your membership at the coffee morning! We have a new incentive this year.