After a year “alone” in Varese, I was lucky enough to be “picked up” by a friendly Benvenuto member at an English-language film show. She gave me information about this Club that I had never heard of. At my very first Coffee Morning I met my current best friend, who gave me a ride to the Library where I discovered an endless source of reading material. While involving myself in Club activities, people

As a member of Benvenuto, I have become involved in many new activities which normally I would never have the chance to do, such as visiting wonderful parts of the area and taking part in various workshops (cookery, painting etc.). Before I joined the club, my life was was mostly family and work-oriented. Now I get the chance to mix with people from all over the world, enjoy their company

I would like to share with you my experience as a long-standing member of the club. I'm Egyptian ofLebanese origin. I was born and grew up in the cosmopolitan country of Alexandria which had an international outlook. I am married to an Italian and have two grown up children; a girl and a boy. We lived for 14 years abroad in a number of different countries which was a great experience.

My husband and I were living in the UK but were both keen to move on and experience living elsewhere. That was when the opportunity came for us to move to the north of Italy. I got to work researching the area: schooling needed to be investigated and also what things I would be able to do and how I could meet people. In the UK I had a professional career which kept me busy during the day, so I spent