After a year “alone” in Varese, I was lucky enough to be “picked up” by a friendly Benvenuto member at an English-language film show. She gave me information about this Club that I had never heard of. At my very first Coffee Morning I met my current best friend, who gave me a ride to the Library where I discovered an endless source of reading material. While involving myself in Club activities, people

I met hundreds of new and had many interesting experiences. I was even able to use my professional knowledge, setting up a Club website for example and helping others to “jump the across the digital divide” by running a computer group for members.

Even after my four years of working with the Benvenuto Board were over (two as Membership Secretary, one as Responsible for New Members, and one as President), the club has remained a very important part of my life. Now I try to extend the same welcome that I received when I joined!