We will be collecting rinsed plastic caps the next 6 coffee mornings to donate to the Onlus of Ospedale dei Bambini di Milano. They will turn sell the caps to raise money to buy life saving equipment to the hospital. With little effort we can make a great impact! Every little cap is neede! 

We have filled 5 big bags with plastic lids since we started!!
Please keep collecting and pass by the special activities table to drop your collection. Remember you can ask family and friends to collect as well. They will be delivered to Onlus of Ospedale dei Bambini di Milano after Christmas.



Date: from January until June Coffee Morning 
Where:  Bring your caps to the special activities table

Next Coffee Mornings

Join our next Coffee Morning
on Wednesday 
14th June 2017 
from 10am - 2pm
at Ville Ponti - Villa Andrea
Piazza Litta 2, Varese

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Year's Coffee Mornings:

  • Wed. 14 Sept 2016
  • Wed. 12 Oct 2016
  • Wed. 9 Nov 2016
  • Wed. 14 Dec 2016
  • Wed. 11 Jan 2017
  • Wed. 8 Feb 2017
  • Wed. 8 Mar 2017
  • Wed. 12 Apr 2017
  • Wed. 10 May 2017
  • Wed. 14 June 2017