Dear Members,
Oh my goodness, where to start . . . . the Fashion Show, the Raffle, the May Aperitivo, the June Summer Party, but no, let’s begin with Benvenuto Board matters.

As you probably know, there are 9 places on the Board (with 2 additional Special Advisors), but in June 7 of those 9 will complete their time in office. I am delighted to tell you that 4 are already filled. Pernille, who has organised our Special Activities for the past 2 years, will take over as Editor of the ‘Voice of Varese’ from La Dawn, who stands down after 4 years in post. Rossella Costa will take over as the Community Services Co-ordinator from Anna Maria. Violetta Sidaruk will be looking after our New Members, following Donatella; and lastly Virva Lepannen will be looking after the Club’s finances taking over from Janet as our Treasurer. Thank you to all of you for “stepping up” & I hope you enjoy being involved. This however still leaves 3 places unfilled – President, Special Activities Coordinator & Secretary. I will, of course, keep you all up-dated as and when these positions get filled.

Just quickly I would like to look back to March when Evi Rauscher organised another wonderful trip away – this year we went to Berlin for 2 nights. I know all the group would like to join me in thanking Evi for arranging such a varied & interesting programme. The tours, the views, the food, the visits – a feat of organisation but so successful. And also lovely to meet up with our “out of country members” Ilse and Sabrina.

This year is galloping by – already it’s Fashion Show time. It’s become a fun feature in the calendar so come along, and bring your friends, to the annual BENVENUTO Fashion Show on Wednesday 10th May. An opportunity to see not only what to wear, but also how to wear it, with our very own members as the models, dressers, choreographer, & directors! This year we show Lydia Tricot designs, Hats by Nadine, Apex leather bags and our member, Afsun, will again be exhibiting her New2You collection. Thank you to Ria and Susi for all the organisation. I know it will be ‘absolutely fab-uuuu-lous’! Happily Varese’s “Living is Life” Magazine will also cover the event – look out for photos in a later edition.

And a request for help - there will be a small in-house RAFFLE in aid of our charity, Spazio Blu. I would be very grateful if anyone can contribute a prize, something new and nice, or perhaps by asking for a voucher from their local restaurant, bar, hairdresser, favourite shop, etc. Bring it on the day, or I could collect it beforehand. 

Read on for more information but we have 2 fabulous evening events planned – An Aperitivo entitled “A Night at the Palace” on Friday 19th May, and then our Summer Party at Al Gallione on Friday 16th June. Please don’t leave it to the last minute to purchase your tickets – buy them at the May Coffee Morning. Guests are very welcome at both events. And tables can be reserved (if booked in good time) for the Summer Party.

Finally, hurrah to Loredana who has re-started the Handicraft group renamed "Chat & Choose". I hope to see you at the first meeting on Monday 15th May. My thanks, as always, to everyone who has been involved with the Club is whatever capacity over the past months. Many hands make light work.

Yours in Benvenuto, Sue

PS - The April Cake Table made €42.12. The proceeds are going towards the cost of the Summer Party decorations. There will be no Cake Table in May as we will be trying out a new venture – Coffee by the renowned Zamberletti Bar. Thank you to Nada for making this happen. We hope you enjoy.

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